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The Stray Cat Initiative:
An Alternative Cat Training Program

We partnered with the Marion Area Humane Society to give a more affordable way for people in need to get a fully trained emotional support animal.

50% of my profits from training kittens from MAHS gets donated to them so they can continue to adopt out wonderful pets.



Contact MAHS and inquire about the Stray Cat Initiative

MAHS will let you know if they have any kittens currently eligible for the program

Kitten will be boarded at Living Hope Cattery for two weeks while going through the training program

After the kitten is purchased organize with Living Hope Cattery a day and time for the kitten to be dropped off at the cattery or have us pick up the kitten from MAHS and transport them to our cattery

Living Hope Cattery will contact you to arrange a day and time to pick up your newly trained kitten

You do not have to adopt a kitten from The Marion Area Humane Society for me to train your cat. I do not offer dog training. 

I will train both kittens and adult cats as house pets. I train kittens from 4 months to 12 months, and adults who are younger than three years old. 

Adult cats are harder to train and will have to stay at the cattery for at least a month because they are a lot less adaptable then kittens, so there will be an upcharge.

You must pay the full amount for training before or at the time your kitten or cat is dropped off at the cattery.


I do not offer refunds for this service.

If you are not satisfied you may request to have your kitten or cat have another session for an additional $50.00 fee. This offer only lasts until 6 months after you last picked up your kitten/cat from my cattery.

You will have to sign a contract saying you agree to these terms prior to or at the time of drop off.


MAHS Kittens (under 6 months)


MAHS Adult Cats (over 6 months)


This includes:

  • FRCCP vaccination

  • a feline leukemia test

  • flea treatment

  • worming

  • spay/neuter surgery

(if you go through their vet)

Living Hope Cattery Training Kittens (4 months to 12 months)


Adult Cats (1 year to 3 years)


This includes:

Training Commands

  • Sit​

  • Stay

  • Laydown

  • Come

  • Off


Conditioning Goals

  • Brushing

  • Teeth brushing

  • Collar wearing

  • Nail trimming

  • Frequent handling

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