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Deposit Waiting List Information 


- My kittens are First Come First Serve. This waiting list is recommended for people in need of an ESA. The public will be offered kittens if they are passed up by people on the waiting list.


  • Please look over the website and read the kitten contract to make sure you are in agreement before filling the waiting list application out.

  • In order to be placed on the waitlist, you must fill out the application.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $75.00 is required to be added to the deposit waiting list for a pet/comfort quality kitten. The deposit waiting list secures your place in line for a kitten. 


  • I will contact you to ask for a deposit as soon as your application is approved. Be prepared to wait for the kitten. The waiting list only ensures you will receive a kitten from me. The waiting list is optional. I post immediately available kittens in that section, waiting list people just get to have the first pick before they are posted on my website.

  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. This helps us limit our relationship to serious buyers only.  Please note that buyers with deposits submitted and added to the waiting list are not required to purchase a kitten from the next available litter. The Deposit Wait List will not expire for as long as Living Hope is breeding cats. If you are no longer interested please let me know and I will take you off the waitlist.

  • I will start contacting families when the kittens have passed their training. Their ages will be within the 12-week to the 16-week range. I attempt to train every kitten regardless of if you need it or not. I will email you a list of currently available kittens. Each kitten will have a description of their strengths and weaknesses. After I have sent out the email, it is up to you whether you would like to either tell me which kitten you are wanting or schedule a visit to pick out a kitten in person. You will have 72 hours to tell me which kitten you would like to purchase and schedule pick up or meet and greet available kittens. Once the 72 hours is up the remaining kittens will be listed and offered to the public. You are not guaranteed a kitten shown you. It is first come first serve. It is best to respond to my email as soon as possible to either schedule an appointment or pick your kitten based on the pictures I sent you. I email everyone one the waiting list at once, so it is your responsibility to get back to me as quickly as you can. If you are purchasing a kitten with extra training required, it is likely the kitten I will set you up is predetermined. 


*Waiting times does vary depending on if you are very specific in what quality of cat you are looking for. Waiting time could be a few months to a year. Purebred Maine Coon's have a longer wait time.

*If you have any questions before filling out the kitten application please look for the FAQ tab.  If you do not see the answer you are seeking for you can email me at



** Kittens generally do better in pairs, however if there is already an cat in the home that should be fine. It is not a requirement, just recommended. We do not offer a discount for purchasing two. **

What temperament are you looking for?Low maintenance, won't need that much affection from meFriendly but independentSociable and dependentVery affectionate and dotingCuddle MonsterWhat temperament are you looking for?
How well trained do you want your kitten to be when he arrives home?I'm okay with it doing whatever it wantsShould stay out of my things but oter than that it's fineShould stay out of my things and know it's name and how to come to me when calledIt should be well trained, know basic commands and have established boundriesWe would like the best of the best. Well trained, knows boundries, and maybe we'll even take it on walks outsideHow well trained do you want your kitten to be when he arrives home?

** Please fill out our special request form if you need special training before submitting an application to recieve a quote. **

Thanks for submitting your application! We will be in contact with you soon to receive your one-time non-refundable fee of $75.00 to be placed on the waiting list.

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