Why should you choose Living Hope Cats for your Maine Coon kitten?

We pride ourselves by making the process of adding a new kitten to your home a positive and wonderful experience. All our breeding cats are DNA tested through Wisdom Panel. Our kittens are well cared for and loved. Each one is special and has a unique personality that we enjoy learning about them. Our kittens receive weekly grooming, including brushing and nail trimming. Although it is rare, sometimes cats do need bathed. We bathe our kittens and get them used to water so that it is less stressful for them in their adult life when accidents happen! We believe it is important for your kitten to be confident in your home and do our best to make sure they will not fear the vacuum or other loud noises that happen around the house. We also send out weekly picture updates directly to your phone. Our kittens all go home with a 5 year health guarantee (Most breeders only offer one year). We also deliver kittens for an additional fee. Check out our Facebook page for most recent updates and pictures of our kittens.

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How to Groom Your Maine Coon Cat

If you are a Maine Coon owner, you appreciate the breed for their dog-like personality, their talkative nature, and most of all: their silky long hair coat of course! You've picked out your kitten and before you know it they've become a full-fledged adult cat and now your thinking:  Oh no! How am I going to maintain their luxurious locks?! As you should be. Of course you don't want their fur to become matted. After all, to shave your majestic beast into a lions cut is a tragedy! Luckily, grooming your Maine Coon isn't hard! All you need is the right tools. 

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