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All kittens are homed between 12-16 weeks depending on their progress. We post availability when the kitten passes graduation. We clarify their strengths and weaknesses and you will choose your kitten with the knowledge of where their skill level is at. We recommend purebred Maine Coon's to be household pets. Our Ragcoon mixes are most suited for emotional support.


We do not guarantee that the kitten will behave in the same manner as it behaved here in its new home. Each kitten will react to change in a distinct and unique way to going home and will adjust at their own rate. I will give you tools to help you continue with their training, but as their owner, it is your responsibility to keep up with it. I am not responsible for any incidents that may happen with kittens.


We have a waiting list available; we recommend only using this option if you are certain you are buying from us. The waiting list has a non-refundable $75.00 fee. This fee gets paid to us immediately, not when you choose your kitten. You do not have to be on the waiting list to purchase a kitten from us. The waiting list is optional. Those on the waiting list will get the first pick before I list them on the website. When kittens are listed on the website anyone who is not on the waiting list can inquire about purchasing them.

teeth brushing

once daily starting at 6 weeks old, first with an ear swab, then graduation to a toothbrush


nail trimming

once a week starting at six weeks old


bathing and blow drying

once a week starting at 8 weeks old


hair brushing

daily starting at 10 weeks old


collar wearing

starting at 6 weeks old


harness wearing and leash walking

starting at 8 weeks old, two days a week


crate training

starts at 10 weeks, crated separately during night


they will be exposed to 8 car rides

six 15-minute short drives and two 1-hour drives

they will be exposed to dogs or a dog three two-hour long sessions


they will be exposed to other cats siblings, mother, and other cattery cats, as well as my domestic pet cats


frequent handling

practicing submissive behaviors, touching sensitive areas like the ears and feet, patting and petting


the 5 basic commands

sit, stay, lay down, come, and off depending on what age they leave the cattery.


Thula gave birth to four beautiful kittens on March 10th of 2023. They are half Ragdoll half Maine Coon. We have one smoke tortie female, one female pure white, one male pure white, and one male solid black. They will become available at 12-16 weeks of age. If you would like one of these kittens please read information about our waiting list.

Upcoming Litters

Queen Lola is a red lynx Ragdoll. She is due mid-March. The kittens father will be Houdini our pure white stud. The kittens will be red or white and some may be silver/smokes. Some could be tabby. Lola is 9lbs and Houdini is 15lbs, so these kittens will be large.

Past Kittens


*SOLD WITH BREEDING RIGHTS* Black and White Maine Coon


*SOLD* White Maine Coon Ragamese mix.


*BEING KEPT IN CATTERY* Althea, a Tortoiseshell Maine Coon


*SOLD* Silver Patched Tabby Maine Coon Ragamese mix


*SOLD* Black Maine Coon


*SOLD* Odd Eye White Maine Coon Ragamese mix

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