About Our Kittens!!


All kittens are homed between 12-16 weeks depending on their progress. We post availability when the kitten passes graduation. We clarify their strengths and weaknesses and you will choose your kitten with the knowledge of where their skill level is at. We recommend purebred Maine Coon's to be household pets. Our Ragcoon mixes are most suited for emotional support.


We do not guarantee that the kitten will behave in the same manner as it behaved here in its new home. Each kitten will react to change in a distinct and unique way to going home and will adjust at their own rate. I will give you tools to help you continue with their training, but as their owner, it is your responsibility to keep up with it. I am not responsible for any incidents that may happen with kittens.


We have a waiting list available; we recommend only using this option if you are certain you are buying from us. The waiting list has a non-refundable $75.00 fee. This fee gets paid to us immediately, not when you choose your kitten. You do not have to be on the waiting list to purchase a kitten from us. The waiting list is optional. Those on the waiting list will get the first pick before I list them on the website. When kittens are listed on the website anyone who is not on the waiting list can inquire about purchasing them.

What Our Ragcoon Kittens Learn

Teeth Brushing: once daily starting at 6 weeks old, first with an ear swab, then graduation to a toothbrush

Nail Trimming: once a week starting at six weeks old

Bathing and Blow Drying: once a week starting at 8 weeks old

Hair Brushing: weekly starting at 10 weeks old

Harness Wearing and Leash Walking: starting at 8 weeks old, two days a week

they will be exposed to 4 car rides

four 15-minute short drives and two 1-hour drives

they will be exposed to other cats siblings, mother, and other cattery cats, as well as my domestic pet cats

frequent handling

practicing submissive behaviors, touching sensitive areas like the ears and feet, patting and petting

the 5 basic commands

sit, stay, lay down, come, and off depending on what age they leave the cattery.


***These are all goals but depends on litter to litter how much I am able to accomplish. That is why my prices for each litter and every kitten fluctuate. Every kitten will be evaluated when they are of age to find homes. The purchaser is responsible for looking over these evaluations and deciding which kitten fits their wants and interests best.

***Purebred Maine Coon's are not evaluated and are not held to the same standard as my Ragcoon's who are meant for emotional support.

Ragcoon mixes: Between $1,000-$2,500
Purebred Maine Coons: Between $2,500-$4,500
Breeding Rights: $5,000
**if you want breeding rights, emailing me is required. Do NOT fill out waiting list application.

Available Ragcoon Kittens!!

Takeout - Houdini x Thula Maine Coon Kitten - White Boy - Ragcoon

Takeout Training Report
Image – 557.4 KB 22 downloads

DOB 3-10-2023

Price $1,400

We love our white kittens, white kittens are know to be very smart and curious. Takeout is a family man who loves being surrounded by people. He is always ready to snuggle and likes to follow people around the house. He is quite nosy and will climb on you if he feels you have not given him enough attention. Beautiful pure white boy who is very good on a leash and loves exploring new places.

Teacup - Houdini x Thula - White girl - Ragcoon

Teacup Training Report
Image – 1.9 MB 20 downloads

DOB 3-10-2023

Price $1,400

White kittens are very smart and curious, and Teacup is no exception. Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake naming her after something so delicate. This girl is too smart for her own good and she will let you know she wants to rule the house. She is very cunning and a masterful cuddle-er and knows how to use that to her advantage. If you want a lap cat, a entertainer, and a marathon runner this is your girl! No one can say she doesn't have personality. Like her Dad she is an escape artist so keep an eye out - she will dart for the door. I know one thing, whoever takes this beauty home will never be bored.

Tiffany - Houdini x Thula - Tortie Smoke - Ragcoon

DOB 3-10-2023

Price $1,100

Smokes are such beautiful kittens, she will get lighter as she grows older. Tiffany was the runt of the litter and needed to be tube-fed in order to gain weight everyday. At 3 weeks she started gaining weight on her own which was great news. However when the other kittens got a cold she suffered worse and I was unable to do much training for her in a timely manner. Due to this she is discounted. The good news is that she is no longer sick and is ready to go to her new home! She is cuddly and sweet. Loves to sit on my lap and be petted. She will make a great companion.

Luke - Houdini x Lola - Cream Smoke - Ragcoon

Luke Training Report
Image – 3.7 MB 19 downloads

DOB 3-20-2023

Price - $1,400

This boy is so loving. He is playful and gentle. Great personality! He is a beautiful cream smoke, a very light shade of red. He is more of a homebody than my other kittens and does not like it when I take him outside for the most part. I think he will be a great companion and has a lot of love to give.

Lettuce - Houdini x Lola - White boy - Ragcoon

Lettuce Training Report
Image – 250.9 KB 18 downloads

DOB 3-20-2023

Price $1,200

Lettuce has the loudest purr I have ever heard. He sounds like a motor! He loves to sit on my lap and purr for hours. He is pretty calm for a kitten, but stills enjoys playing and rough-housing with his siblings. He does not like to go on adventures outside but who can blame him - he is a true house potato! All of these kittens are sociable, but compared to his siblings Lettuce doesn't warm up to new people right away. However, once he gets to know you he will give you an unending amounts of love.

Available Maine Coon Kittens!!

Ernestine - Houdini x Eleanor - White with Odd Eyes girl-  Maine Coon

DOB 6-4-2023

Price $3,300

White with odd eyed kittens are rare. I only have them every-so-often. Ernie is the biggest of her litter even bigger than her brother. She is inquisitive and loves to run and play. She will grow up to look super gorgeous I can already tell! She will be ready for her forever home in September. Email me to put down a deposit to hold her for you. She is still looking for her forever home!

Elsa - Houdini x Eleanor - Tortie Silver Mackerel Tabby girl - Maine Coon

DOB 6-4-2023

Price $3,300

Silver is the same color as smoke, but it is called silver when the cat has tabby markings and is not genetically solid. Elsa is a sweet girl who looks just like her mom! She is a mama's girl and loves to chase her brother around.

Elmo - Houdini x Eleanor - Red Silver Mackerel Tabby boy - Maine Coon

DOB 6-4-2023

Price $3,300

This boy is so gorgeous it is unbelievable! He is the second biggest of this litter. He loves belly rubs it is sooo cute! He is curious and intelligent. Will be a great companion cat.