How to Groom Your Maine Coon Cat

Published on 26 May 2024 at 00:44

If you are a Maine Coon owner, you appreciate the breed for their dog-like personality, their talkative nature, and most of all: their silky long hair coat of course! You've picked out your kitten and before you know it they've become a full-fledged adult cat and now your thinking:  Oh no! How am I going to maintain their luxurious locks?! As you should be. Of course you don't want their fur to become matted. After all, to shave your majestic beast into a lions cut is a tragedy! Luckily, grooming your Maine Coon isn't hard! All you need is the right tools. 

First you are going to want to purchase the EquiGroomer. Despite this brush being made for horses, it works superbly for both cats and dogs. This brush works amazing for tackling the dead undercoat of your pets fur! It has been a life-saver for me. In fact, it grabs so much hair a part of me worries my cats are gonna end up bald! My recommendation is to follow up the EquiGroomer with a stainless steel comb.


You are going want to invest in a good quality stainless steel comb. I don't know why, but the cheap ones just don't cut it. I find when I buy cheaper alternatives they just don't grab the hair the same way. I have done the liberty of linking the best comb you can get for your cats hair as well as the more affordable option, which we'll say is the second best comb.


The Chris Christensen comb is the best stainless steel comb you can get for your cat. It comes highly recommended by breeders who groom their Maine Coons professionally to get them ready to compete in cat shows. It does an excellent job of parting the hair and grabbing any lose strands. That said, on Amazon it is currently listed at $39.99. I admit that is a lot of money if you are just wanting to prevent your cat from getting tangles! If that's the case may I recommend the second best stainless steel comb for your cat.


The Groomer Essentials comb is certainly essential for your cat if you are on a budget! It is currently listed for $12.25. What a deal! It does a fine job compared to the Christensen comb. The only difference is that the Chris Christensen comb catches a tiny bit more hair, but it's hard to tell for sure since cats always shed differently than one another. I've also noticed the Groomer Essentials comb has started to rust around the engraved lettering while the Christensen comb is still spotless. This is just my experience using these combs.


Pro tip! If you ever have to bath your cats, you can use one of these combs to help disperse the shampoo evenly. Once you are ready to rinse keep combing to check if it catches any soapy residue. Your cats groom themselves so that means if any soap is left on them they will ingest it. Checking for bubbles with your comb is such a lifesaver.


Last but not least make sure to buy a flea comb. Any kind will do, I got mine from Walmart. You never know when an unwelcome guest might visit your cat. Better be safe and just check once in a while. Especially if you have dogs or if your cats have access to a covered porch.


I hope you've enjoyed learning about how to groom your Maine Coon cat. A good idea is comb through your cats coat daily or as much as you can manage. The EquiGroomer comes out to play during shedding season. During the spring your cats usually start shedding their winter coats in April/May; while the summer coats starts shedding in the fall, around October/November. However cats shed all year round so use as you see fit.


I have affiliate links to all these wonderful products. If you click each image and buy directly from the link it brings you to, a portion of the proceeds go to me. If you are reading this article, I am assuming you have previously purchased a kitten from me or are considering. All proceeds I make from you purchasing these grooming products go back to my cats: the parents of your wonderful kittens and their siblings. Thank you to all who have supported me and those who continue to support me.


For you who have read this all the way through I'm going to give you an extra pro tip! Do not use a wire slicker brush on your cat. It damages and gives you cats fur split ends. Instead, your not going to believe this! Brush your carpet! There, I said it. This is such a life hack, it is unbelievable how much fur the vacuum won't pick up. I get on my hands and knees and brush the hair out of the carpet. It works like a charm! Make sure the slicker brush doesn't have the protective round balls on the ends of the wires. That prevents it from picking up the hair well. Well that's it! Thanks for reading!

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