Retired Female Adult Available!!

Althea - Maine Coon - $1,200 - SPAYED

Althea (Responds to the Nickname Alfie) is a 2 year old purebred Maine Coon. She is spayed. Alfie is very active and playful. Loves to play and would do well with only one fur-sibling to play with. She is very much like her mother, learned from her that when she is pet she should crouch to the floor. This is a learned behavior and she is not scared and wants to be pet!! She is just a big goofball!! She has a food allergy, tail was shaved at one point but is now growing back. Her hair used to be dull and she was very itchy. We switched her to IAMS Weight and Hairball dry kibble (Chicken Formula) and her hair is much softer and is growing back quicker. She is still a little itchy, trying out new foods is the best way to figure that out. I do not want to place her with very young children or dogs since she can become skittish unpredictably at times. She can go to a household with one other cats (Less than 2 other playmates). She is sometimes an anxious girly and will need time to adjust to her new home. No deposit required!! Ready to be picked up as long as you agree to discuss the allergy issue with your primary vet. We are located in central Ohio, 45 minutes north of columbus. I can deliver her for an extra fee depending on how far out you are.

Purebred Pet Maine Coons: $3,500-$4,500
Breeding Rights: $5,000 firm

What Our Kittens Learn

Teeth Brushing: once daily starting at 6 weeks old, first with an ear swab, then graduation to a toothbrush

Nail Trimming: once a week starting at six weeks old

Bathing and Blow Drying: once every 2-3 weeks starting at 8 weeks old

Hair Brushing: weekly starting at 10 weeks old

Harness Wearing and Leash Walking: starting at 8 weeks old, two days a week

They will be exposed to car rides: two 30-minute roundtrip short drives and one 1-hour drive

They will be exposed to other cats siblings, mother, and other cattery cats, as well as my domestic pet cats

Frequent handling

Practicing submissive behaviors, touching sensitive areas like the ears and feet, patting and petting

Desensitation to loud noises; such as music, vacuuming, clapping, thunder and firework noises played through speaker




***These are all goals but depends on litter to litter how much I am able to accomplish. My prices fluctuate depending on kittens color, personality, and type. The purchaser is responsible for deciding which kitten fits their wants and interests best. I am not responsible for how kittens act once they leave my house. It is the purchasers job to keep up with training. A kitten is a lifelong commitment. 

***We do NOT own any dogs nor do we have children of our own yet; and I am not responsible anything that happens outside of my cattery. That said, however, we have placed with many families who have dogs & children and have never had any issues. Use your best judgement and research how to introduce kittens to dogs and children. If this is a concern for you I am not the right breeder for you and I wish you well with your search for the perfect Maine Coon kitten for you. 

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