Harry Houdini

Breed: Maine Coon

Color: White with Blue Eyes

Our male stud is a Euroline pure white Maine Coon with blue eyes imported from Russia. His previous owners told me he is the smartest cat they have ever met. When he was still a kitten, Houdini learned how to open the latches of the barn doors and that is how he was given his name. We are hoping his cleverness will give us some wonderful inquisitive kittens that are eager to learn and easy to train!

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Breed: Maine Coon

Color: Silver Mackerel Tortoiseshell Tabby

Eleanor is a very confident and playful queen. She is beautiful and she knows it. I often get compliments from guest about her coat and her temperament. Playful, she took to Althea right away and they are often seen grooming one another and playing together. Since they are only a month apart in age, this makes sense to me. Nora's kittens will be white, black, red, tortie, and she carries dilute. Most of her kittens will be smoke/silver. She can also produce mackerel tabby.

Goddess Althea of Calydon

Breed: Maine Coon

Color: Tortoiseshell

Althea is a crazy, fun loving girl. She loves all types of toys and often climbs as high as is allowed in the area. She is full of attitude and spunk and loves to watch cat TV. Alphie's kittens will be white, black, red, or tortie and she carries dilute. Some may be smoke/silver because Houdini seems to carry that trait. All expect red kittens should look solid, having no tabby markings.


Lola Rodríguez de Tió

Breed: Ragdoll

Color: Flame Point Lynx

Lola is the eldest of our cats. She is gentle, calm, wise, and confident. As the leader of our cats, she tends to mind her own while watching her peers to make sure everyone stays in harmony. The Ragdoll coat is softer than the Maine Coon, making her the preferred lap cat in our house. Her kittens can be white, red, tortie and she carries dilute. Kittens may be smoke/silver. They can have tabby markings.



All kittens are homed between 12-16 weeks depending on their progress. We post availability when the kitten passes graduation. We clarify their strengths and weaknesses and you will choose your kitten with the knowledge of where their skill level is at. We recommend purebred Maine Coon's to be household pets. Our Ragcoon mixes are most suited for emotional support.


We do not guarantee that the kitten will behave in the same manner as it behaved here in its new home. Each kitten will react to change in a distinct and unique way to going home and will adjust at their own rate. I will give you tools to help you continue with their training, but as their owner, it is your responsibility to keep up with it. I am not responsible for any incidents that may happen with kittens.


We have a waiting list available; we recommend only using this option if you are certain you are buying from us. The waiting list has a non-refundable $75.00 fee. This fee gets paid to us immediately, not when you choose your kitten. You do not have to be on the waiting list to purchase a kitten from us. The waiting list is optional. Those on the waiting list will get the first pick before I list them on the website. When kittens are listed on the website anyone who is not on the waiting list can inquire about purchasing them.


Ragcoon mixes: Between $1,000-$2,500
Purebred Maine Coons: Between $2,500-$4,500
Breeding Rights: $5,000
**if you want breeding rights, emailing me is required. Do NOT fill out waiting list application.

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