Future Pairings & Wait List

Exciting Announcement! Eleanor and Sterling Will Have Kittens Due in August!

Our wait list is now open. There is a $25 fee to be put on the wait list. This is to ensure the applicant is serious about purchasing kitten from this litter. I have too many back out! It is hard to keep track of when I have 30 applicants and only 2-3 decide to move forward. I hope you can understand. If you do not end up getting a kitten from this litter you can either ask for a refund or be put onto the next litters waiting list. I will try to keep the list under 7 people. Maine Coon litters usually have 3-4 kittens but it fluctuates. Please fill out the form below if you are wanting a kitten from this litter. These colors are in high demand and it is first come first serve so don't miss out and get your spot secured.


You can find more info about Eleanor here.

Sterling is CFA registered and cleared DNA testing through Neogen. All kittens go home spayed/neutered and with their CFA registration as well as 1 FVRCP shot between 12-14 weeks. To learn why I only give 1 shot before go home day and about why I believe we are over-vaccinating of our cats please read this article written by Lisa A Pierson, DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). They go home with a few toys and a blanket that smells like home to help them adjust.



Non-Silver/Smoke - $3,500

Silver/Smoke - $4,000


Color For This Litter: Girls will be either tortoiseshell or black and boys will be either red or black. Silver/smoke is very likely in this litter, but some kittens may lack this gene, in that case they can be either solid or tabby. Eleanor has thrown shaded before so some kittens may be shaded or shell. None of the kittens will be dilute (i.e. cream, blue, or dilute tortie (people like to refer to the color blue as gray)). Eye color will be yellow or green, but their eyes don't change color until they are near 8 weeks old.