Who are you registered with?

We are registered with CFA (The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc). Only purebred Maine Coon's come with registration papers when you buy from us. However, we cover every kitten that we sell with a five-year health guarantee. 




What do you charge for your kittens?

We breed purebred Maine Coon's as well as different kinds of mixes. Mixed kittens go between $1,000-$2,500 depending on what type of mix they are, their temperament, how much training they took to, and their color. Purebred Maine Coon's are priced between $2,500-$6,000 depending on their color (if it is a rare color or common), type (body structure), temperament, how much training they took to, and whether or not they have good show or breeding potential.




How old are kittens when they are placed?

I will be selling kittens a little older than what other breeders offer (3-4 months). This is because I do attempt to train all kittens. Occasionally they will be held longer if they need additional training for an individual who filled out a special request form. When kittens are ready to go home they will be listed in the available kitten section.


Do you offer transportation for cats?

We are happy to announce that we offer transportation for USA and Canada. You as the purchaser are required to pay for the transportation in full. I, Hannah Parsell, do this service myself. I will work with you to give you a quote and take the kitten with me to the Airport. You are required to pick up the kitten when I arrive at your airport. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the total cost of the kitten and transportation. 



Who is your Veterinarian?

Green Camp Veterinary Clinic

221 Main St

Green Camp, OH 43302

(740) 528-3020


Feel free to call them and ask about me by name: Hannah Parsell.


How do I introduce my kittens to another cat or dog?

I will do my best to make sure kittens are acclimated to other cats and dogs. However, you should still be prepared to keep the kitten in a separate room than other animals, because your established cat will need time to adjust to how the new kitten smells in order to accept her. I will link a YouTube video below that I think shows the best way to introduce a new kitten to your animal family. https://youtu.be/25H1V-hoi-Q




Do you offer refunds/Do you offer a Health Guarentee?

Our animals have a five-year health guarantee. Most breeders will only offer a health guarantee for a year, but I am passionate about our cats being happy and healthy. If the cat should die or have to be destroyed due to a genetic or congenital defect proven by your vet and my vet of choice, the cat will be replaced or refunded.


I do not need an emotional support animal. Can I still buy from you?

Yes! Anyone can purchase from us. You will just have a very talented kitty!




Do you vaccinate and de-worm?

Yes! I give all our kittens their first dose of the FVRCP vaccines myself. Depending on what age they leave the cattery they could also go home with their second dose. I also deworm all kittens.



Do kittens go home spayed/neutered?

Right now we cannot find a Vet in our area that does early spay and neuter. We do require new owners to spay/neuter their kitten before 8 months.




Can we meet the kitten before making a final decision?

Please schedule an appointment we would love to see you! Since we would like to place kittens with the right temperament and intelligence into homes of people in need, we will not be able to guarantee which kitten you will go home with but we will do our best to work with you.